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Jason & Jennefer Lawson

Jennefer Lawson

My vision for Healing Hearts Farm Sanctuary began when I brought home two miniature donkeys to use for animal assisted psychotherapy. I have always loved animals and throughout my life often turned to them for comfort. 
Upon bringing home the first 2 donkeys I immediately knew I wanted to dedicate my life to helping other animals in need to live a better life, so in turn they could help people in need to feel better to live their best life. What started out with two donkeys quickly grew into a farm of more donkeys, mules, goats, pigs, and a cow.  Each animal has taught me a deeper meaning of love, trust, empathy and resiliency. As a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist I am drawn to helping others. I never imagined it would include farm animals, but now I cannot imagine a life without them. So, I wanted to create a place where others could experience what I get to on a daily basis. A place where animals and people can connect, heal, and grow
in nature.

Jason Lawson

What started out as my wife’s desire for a donkey quickly grew into something incredibly meaningful and special.  My support for what has become HHFS, founded out of two donkeys, a love for animals and the realization that so many animals needed a second chance at life.  What I didn’t realize was what a profound impact those that we would begin to save would have on me.  Rehabilitating an animal that has been neglected, starved or abused mentally and physically has shown me a greater meaning to life.  Through this connection with our animals I’ve become honored to take on any task large or small that will increase the quality of life to those that have become residents in their forever home here at HHFS. 

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